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BI Software Implementation: The Devil is in the Details

Posted by Anna Miller on Jan 6, 2017 10:08:57 AM

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Business Intelligence & Analytics: For many, this is an area that generates a lot of hype because it involves turning data from multiple sources into powerful insights for a business’ decision-makers. However, along with the hype comes the trepidation over the associated challenges – especially those related to successfully implementing the right BI software solution for your business.

On today's market, there are a variety of BI software solutions available that provide a range of features including interactive dashboards, robust reporting functionality and game-changing insights at varying price points. Although most advertise that they provide a plug-and-play solution where users can easily integrate their data sources and produce instant and eye-opening BI dashboards, unfortunately, most users end up finding out the hard way that their BI software implementation doesn’t end up that way.

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