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Selecting a New CRM Platform: Do’s and Don’ts from the Pros

Posted by Michael Parks on Feb 17, 2017 10:22:02 AM


Selecting the right CRM platform for your business is an important decision that notably affects employee productivity, as well as your ability to improve customer service, satisfaction and increase profits. With more than one hundred CRM packages in the market, it’s crucial for your executive and IT teams to work through the selection process together, focusing on your business objectives to help narrow the field. 

Generally speaking, the larger the company and the more complex the functionality, the more time you should spend on selecting the best CRM. In order to successfully improve your business, here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you properly go through the CRM selection process. 

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The Importance of Use Cases

Posted by Michael Parks on Feb 6, 2017 9:30:29 AM

Tech Republic describes a use case as “a formalized story that describes how someone procedurally interacts with an existing or proposed software and they should be part of every project manager’s permanent tool set.”

Use cases are created to set the tone for a procedural change, and aim to capture the functional requirements for a given technology or software. They focus on the users of a particular system, not the system itself, and help the engagement team understand the business needs, see patterns, streamline operations and question practices. Use cases tell the story of your current and future operations, and provide a guide for the software project. Without them, its easy for project development to venture away from the intended goal, which is often costly and time consuming to fix. Below are four best practices when conducting use case reviews for a CRM platform selection.

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